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Library Board

The Carroll County Library Department is composed of three libraries – one in the city of Berryville, one in the city of Eureka Springs, and one in the city of Green Forest – each under the direction of an Advisory Board, appointed locally. The Administrative Board of the Carroll County Library Department oversees the operations of these Advisory Boards.

It is the responsibility of each local Advisory Board (Berryville, Eureka Springs, Green Forest) to elect its own officers, establish its own bylaws, oversee the director’s conduct of the day to day business of the library, implement Department policies, and recommend long-range plans and goals.

The Carroll County Library Department Administrative Board sets and administers policy for the Department.

The Carroll County Library Department Board

Anita Engert, Chairperson

Christina Courtright

Martha Fargo

Teresa Swallow

Nancy Wood

The Berryville Public Library Board

Christina Courtright, President

Glenda Allison, Vice President

Joe Scott, Treasurer

Karen Johnson, Secretary

Sheri Bickel

Spencer Mabry

Tyler Squires